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Book Review
100 Questions You Should Ask about Your Personal Finances

Written by Ilyce R. Glink
Published by Times Business Random House - 509 pages

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. But, when it comes to personal finance, most people want all the help they can get. 100 Questions You Should Ask about Your Personal Finances provides the information you need to successfully navigate the often confusing and intimidating world of personal finance.

Ilyce R. Glink's goal is to help you "grow into the job" of managing your personal finances by showing you how to understand and organize them in a way that makes sense. Using a question and answer format, the author structures discussions on such basic finance topics as budgets, credit, insurance, real estate, retirement planning, and investments.

In a warm, engaging style, Glink thoroughly answers each question. For example, Question 31¾ Should I Buy a Home or Should I Rent?¾ receives a four-page treatment that addresses financial, personal, and emotional issues. It also provides information on dealing with interim housing moves.

100 Questions You Should Ask about Your Personal Finances is illustrated with many common sense tips. Appendices identify the top ten personal finance mistakes, and explain five easy things you can do to improve your financial situation.

24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success

Written by William J. O`Neil
Published by McGraw-Hill, a Division of the McGraw-Hill Companies - 172 Pages
ISBN: 0071357548

The recent bull market was the longest running in history. However, very few people capitalized on the investment opportunities of these golden years. Why-when many people realize they will need to supplement Social Security benefits during retirement? Perhaps people are not taking advantage of the stock market because they have difficulty sifting through accessible information for making decisions.

24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success provides investment tools to guide you on a path toward financial freedom and security. The book includes a comprehensive 45-year analysis of stock market activity, and takes an historical approach for teaching you the basic elements of the stock market, including when and how to buy and sell stocks, read charts and other materials, and manage your investments.

O`Neil`s book is fundamental reading for those serious-minded investors who wish to "go it alone" in the stock market. The author provides investors of all levels with a handbook filled with a wide array of smart strategies and easy-to-use techniques for seizing investment opportunities that can lead to building and maintaining a profitable portfolio.

William O`Neil has over 25 years of experience in the stock market as an individual investor, broker, and investment advisor. He is the founder of Investor`s Business Daily and owner of a securities brokerage and research firm with a client base that includes nearly every major financial services institution in the country.
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